EST. 2016

Victoria, BC, Canada
As a 5-time National Team Cyclist, Rob Fraser was introduced to the concept of ‘sock game’, which describes the use of sock design to showcase your personality on and off the bike. In competitive cycling, team kits were mandatory, but socks remained an area where you could separate yourself from others.
After retiring from competition, Rob continued wearing his bright cycling socks every day, however they were not providing the same level of comfort off of the bike. While searching for an all-day performance alternative, all he could find were sport socks in team colours, or cotton dress socks with fun designs. Realizing the opportunity to create all-day performance socks with fun designs, Rob founded endūr in September 2016.
This led to the development of an innovative product that combines key features from athletic, dress and casual socks to create an all-day performance alternative. Through 2-years of iterations, endūr socks have been tested and re-tested by all types of athletes during competition, and everyday use to perfect the overall performance, comfort, breathability, and support across multiple uses.
With the support of an incredible team, endūr exists to inspire and unite a community of like-minded individuals who persevere in the pursuit of their dreams. A brand for those who live a busy life, but still carve out time to be active and challenge themselves. In the end of the day, we believe that if you’re willing to endūr, anything is possible – YOU GOT THIS.