The Perfect Fit
Our compression socks have an adjusted height based on your foot size, which takes into consideration relative limb length and the perfect height of the sock for the most performance benefits. Our S/M offers a 12 inch cuff, and the M/L a 14 inch cuff. On average, both heights fall just below the knee.
Compression Reimagined
We set out to innovate and think different about compression socks. This meant finding the perfect balance of performance, recovery and comfort while fusing our proven foot tech with a graduated compression cuff. Proudly designed in Canada by athletes and lab tested to optimize performance and recovery with a compression rating of 16.8mmHg.

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How We're Different
By selling direct we've eliminated the middleman markup and passed along the savings to you. This allows us to innovate our product, maintain exceptional quality, and offer industry leading value. We design our products based on your feedback, and not store buyers. The results is new designs often, and a continually better product.