Our Story

As a 5-time Canadian National Team Cyclist, Rob Fraser was introduced to the art of ‘sock doping’, which describes the use of socks to express your unique style on and off the bike. In competitive cycling, team kits were mandatory but socks remained an area where you could separate yourself from others.

After retiring from sport and attending college to study Sport Management, Rob would still wear his stylish cycling socks to school and in everyday life, and quickly became known as the ‘sock guy’.

While in his last year of school, Rob decided to combine his passion for sport and marketing to start a business. As the ‘sock guy’, socks seemed like a logical place to start, and with the help of his college friend Brent, endūr was founded.

Socks were widely available, but it was apparent the category had been suffering from a lack of innovation in the functional apparel market. This led to developing the industries highest quality, all-day performance pair of socks. A single pair of socks that can be used for sport, work, play, and everything in-between. Available in a wide selection of prints and colours, endūr socks are created with two things in mind: to offer unrelenting comfort, breathability, support, and performance, and to provide a unique canvas for self expression.

With socks ready to hit the market, the final step was defining the brands purpose. As a former athlete, Rob was well versed in the highs and lows of performance sport, injuries, and set-backs. However, the one thing this taught him was that if he was able to persevere, remain optimistic, and push forward there was no limit to what you can achieve. After leaving competitive sport and founding endūr, Rob wanted to spread that message of perseverance and possibilities through the brand. If you are willing to endūr, anything is possible. YOU GOT THIS.