Challenging the limits of what’s possible starts with a willingness to endūr - to continually move forward without giving up. Our founder Rob has harnessed this mentality his entire life. Growing up in Ontario without a mountain in sight, Rob was named to the Canadian National Downhill Cycling Team 5-years in a row.

After retiring from pro competition, Rob set out to create a brand that would inspire others to never give up in pursuit of their wildest dreams. With that mission in mind, Rob began the search for the perfect product to spread the message.

Why socks? Rob believes that socks are the ultimate canvas for self expression. As an athlete, he observed an ever growing sea of sameness and longed for a subtle, yet effective way to express his individuality.

But there was a problem. Athletic socks were overpriced with boring designs, and socks with fun designs and colours were low quality. He recognized a need for a technically advanced pair of socks that would meet the demands of high performance sport with unmatched comfort and style for all-day use.

In September, 2016, endūr was founded to bring this idea to life. Located in beautiful Victoria, Canada, the endūr team has grown to over 10 amazing members while staying true to their mission.

So what’s next? We’re working hard every day to claim our spot as the number one performance sock brand in the world. Follow along @endurapparel to see what we’re up to next.