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Our Story

Socks are how we inspire and express ourselves. But while apparel shifted towards ‘active wear’ to compliment active lifestyles, we noticed that socks were left behind. To solve this problem, we set out to create a pair of socks that meet the technical demands of professional athletes, paired with premium design and comfort for any occasion. Out of a 500 sq/ft basement in 2016, our first pair of socks were created. Now 5-years later and millions of pairs sold, we remain focused on continual innovation and perfecting our all-day performance products.

Our Socks

Knit with technical features and bold designs, we’ve created the ultimate active lifestyle socks. Thoughtfully created to put your best foot forward in pursuit of personal bests.

Our Team

Rob Fraser


Caroline Crawford

Product Director

Taylor Fraser

Marketing Director

Taira Doucet

Operations Manager

Jonny Mactinger

Sales Director

Emily Mah

Retention Marketing Manager

Cameron Giles

Performance Marketing Designer

Eve Sadlowski

Operations Associate

Laurent Rajotte

Retention Marketing Designer

Courtney Zylstra

Custom Creative Associate

Cat Manders

Customer Experience

Mia Langford

Custom Designer

Cari Smuts

Product Designer

Jay Wallace


Damien Surprenant 



Treat Specialist




Quality Control

Our Community

We engage daily with our community to evolve in real time. Through feedback from thousands of ambassadors and reviews, we’re committed to continual innovation and delivering an incredible brand experience.

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