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"You have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The world needs more bravery, and taking risks is all part of growing." - Lauren Babineau & Cody Sahlstrom. 

Our incredible endūr ambassador triathletes, Lauren and Cody, offer advice for anyone looking to challenge their limits. They've shared the warmup, workout, and mindset that allows them to build towards peak performance in their sport.

"As a duo supporting each other in the crazy sport of triathlon, we've experienced that inspiration can be activated. Training neck and neck with a teammate who pushes you to be better every day is certainly a big competitive advantage we have. Not every day is perfect, but we embrace both the highs and lows from a positive outlook. There's always a 'win' to be found in a workout - even if you 'failed it,' it's motivating because we're pushing new limits and getting better as athletes - and as human beings...! You have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The world needs more bravery and taking risks is all part of growing.” 

- Lauren Babineau and Cody Sahlstrom. 

Let's warm up! 

Warm Up:

Banded Lateral Steps

Banded Squat Jumps x15

Banded Glute Bridge x12

Into Run Warm up Dynamics on turf.



Deadlift x5 12/10/8/6/4



Med ball slam x 6 to Med ball toss. 


Wide grip chin up x6 ( lat isolation for swimming )

Cleans x4 10/8/6/6

Kettlebell Snatch x6 per side 

 Drop set: Banded Bear Crawl


3x30 sec Battle rope variation

 5 min Core burn

 Foam roll / Stretch!  



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