Amid a pandemic,
female entrepreneurs are not backing down.

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Happy International Women's Day from Team endūr! 

We’re here to uplift women today and every day. For International Women’s Day, we’re featuring several incredible athletic business owners and co-founders across North America - some that we’re also lucky enough to call ambassadors for our growing endūr community.

Driven by passion and community, these badass women have built and co-founded companies that allow them to inspire and ignite others by doing what they love every single day.


Meet Kelsey Goodwin of LOLO - "Love On, Lift On"  

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey Goodwin, and I co-own CrossFit LoLo located in Victoria B.C, Canada. 
Our manifesto is to LOVE on people & LIFT the community around us. We believe in elevating one another mentally and physically to realize our potential & to motivate each other to take action. At LOLO, we encourage vulnerability, community, resilience and to live healthier enriched lives of our design.
We're also a gym! Lol.

Who in the fitness community inspires you? 

Who inspires me? My gym members inspire me. They are committed to growing their fitness, and watching them push through their mental limits is very inspiring.

What was the motivation to begin your business? 

Before I fell in love with a CrossFit athlete, I never thought I would own a gym. Actually, I thought CrossFit was a type of parkour! I was inspired by the kind of community my partner wanted to create, and I knew that he and I could create a culture where people could experience themselves as powerful and strong. 

How have you innovated to deliver value to your customers in the pandemic?

During the pandemic, we had to shut down for 2.5 months. 

We did online classes, rented our equipment, and started an island-wide fitness challenge to generate grants for other impacted businesses. I designed a line of gym apparel, launched an online store, and sold coffee and donuts to gym members out of our closed gym. I also filmed and produced a short documentary outlining this journey and my partner Adam's journey as a competitive athlete competing virtually at the CrossFit Games.

To view the documentary, click here:

What are your plans for the future? 

Our future plans include continuing to grow this beautiful community - maybe even a second location! We can't wait for what's ahead! 

 To learn more about LOLO and its mission, click here:

Meet Tash Marshall Bean of Authentic Instructor Training Inc (AIT).

Hi everyone! My name is Tash! I am the founder of Authentic Instructor Training Inc (AIT). After being in the customer service and fitness industry for over 20 years, I wanted to take my energy and knowledge and share it with the fitness world - that is how AIT INC. was born!  

What began with boutique studio consulting has quickly grown into training over 1400 individual indoor cycling instructors across North America & Europe, both in person and now online. Working with boutique studios and individual instructors has been the key to AIT's success. We have been able to build lasting relationships with each team or individual that we work with and connect newcomers to the industry with some amazing and empowering groups. Our focus will always be on delivering programs that promote authenticity, empowerment, and inclusion to everyone in the fitness community! Our AIT swag that we offer has been another way for our community to shine and engage with one another, and has become a total passion project of mine! I LOVE SWAG! 

Who in the fitness community inspires you? 

EMMA BARRY!! She is a legend in our fitness industry and my 'celebrity' (along with my 6 GoodLife Besties, literally obsessed with her). 

She is a founding member of Les Mills and has excelled in everything from big box to boutique fitness since and is still going strong. She adapts in one second and has a passion for people & fitness like no other. If you are looking to get lit up and find your fire, Emma Barry is your answer! Trust me.  

What was the motivation to begin your business? 

I was raised in an environment where no one believed in myself or my sister. For me, it left me with many self-confidence issues. I put in the work and finally found my self-love and, through that journey, raised the confidence to try a fitness instructor training course. And the rest is history! As our company name suggests, Authentic Instructor Training Inc. is built on a foundation of authentic, genuine, and caring leadership. I wanted to create an INCLUSIVE space in a very competitive industry that reminded each individual who participated in our various programs that you are MORE than enough, and WE BELIEVE IN YOU. Cause I think all you need is a little love and belief that you can go to epic heights!

How have you innovated to deliver value to your customers in the pandemic?

The pandemic posed a huge challenge to boutique fitness studios worldwide, and it pushed our business to re-evaluate how we delivered our program(s). The first big step was moving our indoor cycling instructor training online, and we did it fast. To date, we have graduated 15 groups since last March, with more training up ahead. And we are having a blast! 

We created a fun and engaging environment, including turning OFF your mute button and making new fitness friends online! We've been able to reach so many amazing people since moving online from all over Canada to the world now, and it truly has been unreal. We also introduced a new coaching program called "The Level Up Club". We created a series of workshops designed for fitness enthusiasts and professionals to take the time to tune-in with themselves and take a closer look at who they are, and what lights them up. It's been a challenging year (ish) for all of us, so we created this platform to encourage us to utilize this time to build up and go to our next epic level!

What are your plans for the future? 

That is a great question, any ideas?! LOL! This has been a huge year of change, and the focus right now is to evaluate what is working for us as a company and as a team. Our team has grown, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such inspiring and motivating humans on the daily. My hope is to get back to in-studio training AND keep up our Zoom Spin Training to reach everyone worldwide and leave a legacy of empowerment & inclusion!

To learn more about Tash and AIT's programming, click here:

Meet Alex Mueller of CrossFit Zone

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Mueller, and I am co-owner of CrossFit Zone. Our business is about getting fitter and healthier while creating relationships with like-minded individuals. 

We follow the CrossFit methodology and believe that there is a way to modify, scale, and adapt workouts to suit everyone’s needs and abilities. Our business exists to help you reach goals with the support and accountability of our coaches and the rest of our incredible fitness community. 

Who in the fitness community inspires you? 

My clients and the members at our gym are what inspire me every day to keep showing up. I love witnessing their growth and their development of healthy habits and relationships. I don’t find many things more inspiring than watching someone walk through our doors, set a goal, and then achieve it.

What was the motivation to begin your business? 

I was a member and a coach at the gym my partner and I now own. If you’ve ever been a part of a CrossFit gym, you know those people become your family. So when the previous owners wanted to move on, it felt only right for us to step in and continue building the community they had begun to cultivate.

How have you innovated to deliver value to your customers in the pandemic?

The pandemic made us, like everyone else, put on our thinking caps! We moved our entire business online for several months and rented out all of our equipment to our members. We offered all online classes and daily workout videos of our programmed workouts for those who could not make the class times during this time. We now operate mostly in person, but we still provide online classes and at-home workouts daily for our clients.

What are your plans for the future? 

Our plans for the future are to continue growing our community! Once it is safe, we look forward to being able to host and attend more community events and spread our love for fitness even further!

To learn more about CrossFit Zone, click here:

Meet the Team Members of CrossFit Minka

Hi everyone! We are CrossFit Minka, a women’s owned CrossFit box established in 2020, in the heart of the pandemic. We offer CrossFit, HIIT, Pilates classes, personal nutrition follow-up, and private training.

Who in the fitness community inspires you? 

In general, we are inspired by badass women who do not give up, no matter the obstacles. We have a community of mothers who show up to train with their babies in tow; partners who show up to support and encourage their partners to shine; and young ones who prioritize the gym over their phone screens. 

In particular, we could not let our very own, Catherine Degagne, go unnoticed. Catherine is the head coach at CrossFit Minka and one of its co-founders. She is the mom of two kids and a true inspiration. She is currently ranked 26th in Canada for the Canadian 2020 CrossFit Open, with a  goal to be a member of the top 10 for 2021. Catherine shows up at the gym, day after day, with a smile on her face, even on days when she doesn’t feel like it, whether to coach or train. She always reminds people to give their best, but mostly to have fun… because she would not be where she is if she did not enjoy it!

What was the motivation to begin your business? 

We wanted to give people a place to gather, feel a sense of community, and find a second - or sometimes even a first – family through sport. We also wanted to support women in their fitness journey by allowing them to bring kids to the gym and always feel welcome to do so. Kids can always join a class with their mom – or dad – if they want to! If not, they have their own space in the gym to play with other kids or relax.

How have you innovated to deliver value to your customers in the pandemic?

Like many other gyms, we are giving Zoom classes, both live and available for replay for a week following the actual class recording day. We are very active on social media and have created a community page where our members can share their thoughts and tips. Every week we provide our community “Pro tips” on different subjects like nutrition, sleep, or movements and challenge them to try new things to keep motivated, things like registering for the upcoming Open, learning to track their macros, or how to hold a handstand. 

What are your plans for the future? 

We opened in the midst of a pandemic and were forced to close our doors in October of this year. As soon as we can open, we plan to grow our clientele and community. We’re looking forward to offering classes outside, organizing a competition, and continuing to support our athletes from the sport-study program and make CrossFit Minka shine in every way we can!

To learn about CrossFit Minka, click here:

Meet Sarah Black and Michelle Meckling of The Athlete Centre

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Black, and I’m an Athletic Therapist and co-owner of The Athlete Centre with my partner, Michelle Meckling, who is also an AT. The Athlete Centre is a multi-disciplinary clinic located in beautiful Victoria, BC. We are a team of Certified Athletic Therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Strength, and Conditioning Coaches, Chiropractors, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioners who take a collaborative and integrated approach to give you the best possible care in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance.

We are challenging the status quo in injury prevention and redefining rehab to support an active community and keep people doing what they love. As a team of dedicated and passionate therapists, we take the time to understand your unique goals and provide an individualized plan that is supportive every step of the way.

We believe everybody who loves to move or wants to move is an athlete, and our clients include a wide range of goals - anyone from Canada’s top athletes to people simply wanting to increase their mobility for a healthier life. 

Who in the fitness community inspires you? 

Our community continuously inspires us. It doesn’t matter if someone is training for the Olympic or Paralympic Games, a local 5k race, or looking to improve their health and longevity - we are inspired by anyone who commits to being better every day! 

We’re also inspired by all the amazing businesses who take the time to give back to the community, live by their values, and support one another. 

What was the motivation to begin your business? 

We recognized a gap in the care that people were receiving; either there was too much focus on passive treatment or not truly preparing the body to return to activity after injury. Although we work with individuals at all points along their journey, our specialty is bridging the gap between rehab and performance. We are focusing on empowering the individual and providing education to our clients and the community. 

How have you innovated to deliver value to your customers in the pandemic?

In addition to offering Telehealth services, we’ve created TAC at Home - a comprehensive fitness and movement program to keep people moving at home, regardless of their current fitness level. Designed by our Athletic Therapists, it includes various classes including yoga, core, fitness, mobility, and movement mastery, creating a balanced approach to improve performance while mitigating injury risk. 

We have also created a movement library of videos that our clients and community can access to support their rehab and movement goals at home. 

What are your plans for the future? 

Our vision is to continue to be community leaders in evidence-based injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance. We are looking to grow our team and expand our programs and services to provide innovative tools, knowledge, and resources to support our current and future clients. We plan to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses to build a stronger, healthier community together.  

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