10 simple steps to set
New Year's Goals
you'll actually keep

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Rome wasn't built in a day, but on a less cliché note, it also wasn't made without a plan. 

If you take anything from this blog post, take this: your thoughts create your reality.

Everyone is looking for that secret sauce - the key to getting from point A to point B with as much convenience as possible. However, in recognition of the term "burnout" skyrocketing in google searches across North America, our new reality begs us to take stock of 2020's learnings as a foundation for sustainable success.
Last year showed us time is precious. A hustle hard mentality transitioned to a mission for balance, maintaining work and play in our shared, often limited spaces. We adapted our diets with just the right ratio of food that fuels us vs. food that feeds our souls - testing the limits of that "engineered to move with you" fabric in our pre-pandemic yoga pants.

But something is fundamentally different as we race into this new year. In 2020, we came to the collective recognition that our health is more than the food we eat, but what we choose to feed our minds. 2020 was a year of building; resilience and learned mental fortitude have become our foundation, and now it's time to rise together. 
So say it with us, "we are making a collective commitment to remember the wisdoms of this past year and continue to fuel our bodies and minds for the challenge ahead!"phew - now with that dumpster fire of a year behind; are you ready? 

Here is endūr's step-by-step guide to ensure you don't fall into those all too common pitfalls of setting New Year's goals that won't make it past the first month. Recognize if it were easy, everyone would do it.

  1. Be patient- recognize unhealthy habits are usually built over years and take time and consistency to correct. 
  2. Understand your values - your goals should serve your values - period. It's an essential and necessary step to define what those values are and take a hard look at the current facets that don't service them. 
  3. Set goals in all important areas of your life- setting short and long-term goals will allow you to actively tackle the immediate tasks while keeping your long-term ambitions top of mind. Ask yourself what areas you want to prioritize or what balance would look like for you in these key aspects of your life. 

    • Health Goals
    • Free time/Family time
    • Relationship Goals 
    • Personal Growth 
    • Making a difference 
    • Financial Goals 
    • Career/Business Goals

  4. Think big but think for YOU - you hear this a lot, "think big," but what if you don't want to run a marathon, but that 10K is looking pretty good right now? Recognize that you don't need to make that your goal just because it's someone else's. You are uniquely you, and what you have to offer holistically from all aspects of your life makes the world a better place.
  5. Set SMART goals - I know you've probably heard this upwards of a thousand times, so I'll keep this brief and attach a SMART Goals guided worksheet for you to complete! You know after you drop your kids off at soccer, ballet, bathe the cat and end an 8-hour workday OR for those of you on the flip side, who spend three hours seven days a week flexing your abs in the gym mirror while still holding a part-time job and going to school. I'm sure this is the first thing on your grocery list of to-dos. If that sounds familiar, skip to our last point - it's for you.

    • Specific - answer the 5 W's (Who is involved? What do I want to accomplish? Where is it located? Why is this goal important? Which resources or limits exist?) 
    • Measurable - ask yourself how you'll track progress; doing this not only helps you to stay on track but builds excitement as you get closer to crushing that goal. 
    • Achievable - determine whether or not the goal is realistic given the time and resources available to you.
    • Relevant - Identify whether this is the right time or if another task should take more immediate priority. If you are unsure, tip seven will help you answer this question. 
    • Timebound - every goal needs an end date; this will help to ensure everyday priorities aren't taking time away from the long-term target.  
  6. Break It Down - we all need to walk before we can run. Ask yourself what subtasks and deadlines need to be achieved to support the goals you've identified.
  7. Prioritize - the Eisenhower Matrix, *adjusts monocle* is used to group your tasks by level of importance and urgency. Organize your SMART goals by grouping them into the endūr matrix - and be ruthless; your time is important.

  8. Be Intentional - create a visual representation of your goals. Each morning, use this as a tool to set your intentions and focus your energy on what matters.
  9. Tell the world- don't just tell others about your end goal; share the steps you're taking to get there. Communicating with people you trust can open you to advice from those in similar positions and hold you accountable for making your vision a reality. Who knows - maybe you'll have a gym buddy to sweat it out with (following health and safety guidelines, of course.)
  10. Prepare -Nothing is worse than scheduling an at-home workout for 6:30 am and then searching half-asleep through a plethora of click baited youtube videos like "Get six-pack abs in two weeks!" or "MAKE YOUR FAT CRY 30 MINUTE MADDOG BOOTCAMP" - we hear you. The night before, take the time to plan your day, allowing you to jump right in.

And last but not least, our most important point - recognize your need to fill your cup before you can fill others. It is okay to create time and space solely for yourself. We're talking to you; the busy student, the overworked 9-5'ers, and all the moms and dads who are the household's Chief Operating Officers even with a full-time job. We are here to celebrate the journey of life with you. Through all its ups and downs - we endūr together.

Download PDF - endūr SMART Guide


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