Off The Cuff

First and foremost, we create the most technologically advanced socks. A pair of socks that are durable, breathable, supportive, moisture wicking, stay up, and look great. We’re committed to continually innovating our socks, making sure we’re one-step ahead from the competition - just like you.
  • 2 min read

As part of our commitment to consistently offer our customers high-quality, high-value, and technically versatile performance gear, we approached this collection with curiosity, openness, and a determination to reimagine conventional compression manufacturing.

  • 3 min read

At endūr, we practice what we preach and have chosen to pursue this partnership for its ability to offer our community high-quality, high-value, functionally versatile gear.

  • 2 min read
We’re here to uplift women today and every day. For International Women’s Day, we’re featuring several incredible athletic business owners and co-founders across North America - some that we’re also lucky enough to call ambassadors for our growing endūr community.
  • 10 min read
Our incredible endūr ambassador triathletes, Lauren and Cody, offer advice for anyone looking to challenge their limits and a reminder to trust the process.
  • 2 min read
From an initial $1,000 investment to over $5,000,000 in sales, endūr has grown tremendously in the last four years, and Rob Fraser, Founder, and CEO is here to tell the story.
  • 7 min read

endūr ambassador Alexandre Boyer-Grégoire shares his personal story of compassion and the inspiration behind the "F U Cancer" sock collaboration.

  • 3 min read

In collaboration with a Registered Dietician, endūr has created 3 smoothie options to fuel your busy days. 

  • 3 min read
In recognition of the term "burnout" skyrocketing in google searches across North America, 2020's learnings serve as a foundation for sustainable success.
  • 4 min read