June 14, 2017

What do endūr socks stand for? 

To inspire and unite through products that provide quality, performance,and community.

Quality –

We use premium yarns, Italian made Lonati knitting machines, and leading technology to manufacture the highest quality socks. Our socks are real world tested, and then re-tested. We stand by our product, and our 100% product guarantee covers every sock sold. We are in a constant quest to innovate, and improve our products utilizing technological advancements, and your valuable feedback.   

Performance –

We are performance driven. Our socks utilize leading technology to offer support where needed, strategic venting for breathability, and a cuff that will not fall down. Far too long have socks become stagnant, and we understand that you deserve more. Our socks can be worn for work, sport, or anything you can think of with the ease of mind knowing you have the best socks for the job.

Community –

We are nothing without ū. We stand for much more than just a pair of socks - we stand for resilience, and a relentless pursuit for excellence. Our goal is to remind you that with each sock you put on, your aspirations are limitless. Anything is possible when you follow your heart, work hard, and endūr the tough times. As leaders of the endūr movement, we’re all in this journey together as a constant reminder that you can achieve what you set your mind too.


We know you like to push your limits, and that’s what we’ve done with our new lightweight socks. We have redefined what it means to put on a pair of socks in the morning. No longer are you confined by traditional socks, when you put on endūr socks, you make a statement that today is your day. 

Choose from 9 brand new styles, and some of the original favourites. Available now.