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October 18, 2017


So, you’ve decided you want to get custom socks (yay!). Now it’s time to determine which custom sock is the best option for you. Our custom sock program allows you to not only customize your design, but also customize the type of sock you get. This is anything from the foot padding, cuff ribbing, technical features, yarn blends, and sock height. Today, we’re going to talk about sock height, and best practices for your desired application.

We specialize in four different custom sock heights: Low cut ankle socks, quarter socks, crew socks, and over the calf socks – however, you are not limited to these four options. In addition to our four staple heights, we allow you to give us an exact cuff height requirement in inches, and we’ll make that happen. For this post, we will elaborate on our staple four heights, outlining the benefits of each one, and common use cases.

Custom Low-Cut Ankle Socks:

Our low-cut ankle socks fall just below the shoe line to offer a ‘minimal’ feel, without compromising function, support, or performance. With all our staple technical foot features included such as banded arch support, reinforced heel and toe, and a mesh vented foot top, these socks are no compromise! Our custom low-cut ankle socks also include a heel tab, which provides both comfort, protection, and prevents the sock from slipping down the heel of the shoe (I know, we hate this too!).

When using low-cut ankle socks as a custom option, there are some limitations, such as non-visual branding when the sock is in the shoe. However, if you are in an environment that does not require shoes, or just want a branded low-cut option available, these are a great choice.

The benefits of a low-cut ankle sock for custom is that they are the most popular choice for daily socks – so although your branding may not be noticeable while in a shoe, individuals are more likely to choose your branded sock daily and not just for special events.  Not to mention we spend a lot of time indoors without shoes, where your branding, logo, or design can create a buzz and conversation!

Individuals that opt for low-cut ankle socks as a custom sock option are usually in the following disciplines (but not limited to):

  • Running event/ retail store
  • Wedding gifts
  • Spin studios
  • Training facilities 

Custom Quarter Socks:

Our quarter height socks have a cuff that sits 3 inches above the ankle. This provides both branding opportunities, as well as protection to the ankle. Again, this sock option includes all our foot tech, with the introduction of our stay up technology in the cuff so it will not slip down. The cuff provides a gentle, yet noticeable compression that aids in comfort and overall fit.

The quarter height sock is a great option for someone who may not be a fan of the crew length and wants more than a low-cut sock. The 3-inch cuff provides ample real-estate for a logo/ design that is visible while in a shoe, and out in the wild!

Individuals that opt for quarter height socks as a custom sock option are usually from the following disciplines (but not limited to):

  • Running/ trail running/ running retail
  • Road cycling/ cycling retail
  • Triathlon/ triathlon retail
  • Weightlifting

 Custom Crew Socks:

Our crew socks offer a 6-inch cuff that goes up the low leg and falls just below the calf muscle. This is our most popular option, as the crew sock is one of the most versatile, and widely adopted socks for events/ sports/ daily use. Of course, this sock also includes all of our sought after technical foot features, and includes the stay up technology in the cuff so it will not fall (nothing worse than a crew sock that slips down!)

The crew socks offer a large amount of real-estate for both a logo, saying, and pattern all combined into one sock. This allows for the most amount of expression, without having a sock all the way up the leg.

Individuals that opt for crew socks as a custom sock option are usually in the following discipline (but not limited to):

  • Trail running/ running retail
  • Road cycling/ mountain biking/ cycling retail
  • CrossFit/ training/ gym facilities
  • Corporate events/ business custom
  • Foundations/ charities/ school teams

Custom Over the Calf Socks:

Our over the calf socks are available for those that aren’t satisfied unless their entire low leg is covered in an amazing sock!

We typically will do knee high custom socks for sport teams, Olympic weight lifting, or any other sport/ disciple that requires a knee-high sock.

Again, this sock will include our foot tech, stay up tech, but also include low leg compression for travel, recovery, injury prevention, pain relief, and increased blood flow.

Of course, with a knee-high sock there is A LOT of room for funky designs, so in terms of real-estate, the canvas doesn’t get much better than this!

Individuals that opt for over the calf socks as a custom sock option are usually in the following discipline (but not limited to):

  • Travel/ recovery/ health care
  • Soccer/ winter field sports
  • CrossFit/ Olympic weightlifting/ gyms
  • Training facilities

Custom Socks in Review:

So that’s pretty much it! As mentioned, we will make your custom socks as custom as you’d like, right down to a 6.455” cuff if you so please.

Keep in mind that there are different heights, for different people, and different applications – there is no ‘right’ height for everyone, that’s why we aim to offer the right height for ū!